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One day I'll be waiting there

Aggiornamento: 24 set 2023

In the Eighties, in Milan, my hometown in Italy, there was a little subsidiary (or better call it the office of some representative) of MPL. There was a plaque outside the building and one day I stumbled across it. It was around 1985, and I was 16 years old. I had already learned that this was Paul McCartney’s company. Since it was very near one of the most important record stores at the time, I happened to walk over there quite frequently. And each time I stopped, for a few seconds I thought I wanted to get in. The building – in Galleria del Corso, 4, very near the Duomo Square – hosted a certain number of music publishers, being Milan the Italian capital of music business and publishing.

But there was a concierge, and I never had the courage to present myself to the man and asking for… what? If the future myself had met me, saying that one day I would have been received at MPL in 1 Soho Square, London, obviously I would had not believed him. But life is the land where everything is possible, for good or for bad. I learned my lesson.

The big day was 21 September 2022. In the previous months I had been called by MPL, asking for help on a special project, that would materialize as The 7” Singles Box. The collaboration was so nice and professional, and we agreed to meet.

The meeting was at 10.30 AM. I had landed in London the day before. Weather was fine, a nice end of summer feeling. The morning after, I woke up quite early, around 8 AM. I decided to take a walk from my hotel to get to Soho Square, 4 km or so from there. It was sunny and I wanted to enjoy the moment to the fullest. I took a break at the Fidelio Café, where I had my breakfast. Not really an ordinary breakfast. The breakfast before the meeting!

My only concern was my dad. He was very ill, and I was worried something could happen to him while I was away. I managed to stay positive and send good vibes, thinking of him. I had told him of my trip, and he was so happy. He could not really move at the time, but he was so proud. He only told me, “You made it”. You can imagine my feelings while I was in London. I was looking forward to getting back and telling him everything about it.

After the stop at the café, I went on. Traffic was getting busier as I approached Oxford Street. Lots of roadworks got things more complicated for the vehicles. I looked at my right, and that’s the building where AIR Studios were in the Eighties. I looked all around, stopped and took a deep breath thinking, “This is one of the most beautiful sensations I have ever had!”

I got to Soho Square at 10:15 and I decided to take a seat in the garden just in front of the MPL building. I randomly chose a bench. I looked at the plaque and... this was what is written in the bench I chose: “One day I’ll be standing there. No empty benches in Soho Square,” a verse from the 1993 song “Soho Square” by English songwriter Kirsty MacColl (1959-2000).

I gulped. It seems to perfectly express what I was living. Quite prophetic, isn't it?

Ok, it’s time to go. I rang the bell; they opened the door and I’m in at MPL. At the desk they invite me to take a seat. I looked at my right and, in the corner, I see a chair. Wait, that’s not an ordinary chair... that’s the Memory Almost Full chair!!! A couple of minutes and they greeted me.

The meeting is at the third floor. We got to know each other, we talked, we took a coffee, we shared some of our lives anecdotes and enjoyed every minute of it. When I got home, I went to my dad. I told him about the trip. He was in tears. It was a big moment for me to share what I had just done with him.

I was 22 when I said to someone that one of my dreams was to see my name on a Paul McCartey record. It happened on 2 December 2022, when I was credited for additional research on the label copy on The 7” Singles Box.

Dad, you didn’t see it, because you passed away on 1 November 2022. But I’m sure you did see it. And, yes dad, I made it. I owe it all to you, dad. I love you dad.

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